Places To Visit In The Algarve – Pego do Inferno

"pego do inferno algarve"When you are visiting the Algarve the first thought for many people is to head for the stunning coast to view the beautiful beaches but travel inland and you will discover fantastic highlights not often found on most trips with the Pego do Inferno near Tavria being one spot you do not want to miss while you are in the Algarve for your holiday.

The Pego do Inferno is actually an inland lake with a stunning waterfall and has for any years been a place that the locals come to either to cool down in the hot summer months or to relax and take photographs in the cooler winter months.

Although the Pego do Inferno looks and feels like it is in the middle of nowhere it is actually very easy to get to and is well signposted for anyone who is visiting the site for the first time.

The Pego do Inferno is located near to the small village of Santo Estêvão which is in turn around 7 km from the eastern Algarve city of Tavira.  When driving to the location you simply need to head inland from Tavira and wind along the little roads until you see the signposts to the Pego do Inferno.  If you are using a SatNav device then the coordinates for the site are N 37º 9′ 20.12″, W 7º 41′ 46.75″.

After you park up in the car park at the site then you need to walk about 100 metres until you reach a decked stairway that leads you down around 400 metres to the lake itself.

The beautiful lake and waterfall at Pego do Inferno are the main attraction to the site but the surrounding area is also equally picturesque with rolling hills and greenery as far as the eye can see and is well wroth exploring after taking a dip in the waters.

You can have a look over the surrounding area by going to the view point where not only can you look down on the waterfall but also on the general area.

Recently the Pego do Inferno site underwent some updates to the general area and now there is an improved parking area for cars and walkways to get people around the area as well as spots to enjoy a sandwich in the sun.

But it is the green waters and stunning waterfall that are the main draw here and you would be silly not to bring your swimming gear in the summer as there is no better way to coo down than by swimming under the water fall and letting the fresh water of the Algarve cool you down!


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