Places To Visit In The Algarve- Porches Pottery

"porches pottery algarve"If there is one souvenir that you have to take back with you from the Algarve (apart from a lot of sand in your suitcase!) then it has to be some beautiful pottery and some of the best to be found in the Algarve comes from the amazing Porches pottery.

This family run business has been going since 1968 and is as popular now is it was then with handmade, bespoke pieces being made every day in this boutique pottery.

Porches Pottery is located along the EN125 between the small town of Porches and Lagoa, be careful when you are driving along this part of the road as it can get very busy at peak times and you need to take care when pulling in and out of the car park to the pottery.

The pottery was set up to help save the pottery industry in the area which had fallen into decline by the 1960s and Irish artist Patrick Swift joined forces Lima de Freitas to try and save the amazing pottery skills of the local people while injecting some new creative ideas and thus the pottery was born.

What has kept Porches pottery so popular over the years is the fact that every piece is unique because it is handmade and hand painted with no sign of a factory type production line anywhere.  Each artist has their own style and you can see this in the different pieces while you can also watch the artists at work in the pottery as you browse what is on offer.

Lots of the colours used at the pottery reflect the tradition of the Algarve with whites, blues and yellows shining through but there are other designs that are more modern and artistic also available to buy as well as the option of commissioning your own special set.

The pottery also has a small café linked to it where you can enjoy some delicious snacks, a light lunch or a piece of homemade cake with a coffee while deliberating about what you might be buying to take home and the best part is that you do not need to try to cram the pottery into your case as shipping across the world can be arranged for orders.

Porches pottery is a real slice of the traditional Algarve and is a must see whether you end up buying any pottery or not and if you do not have the budget for a full service then don’t worry because there are plenty of small items and keep sakes available that make wonderful reminders of a time in the Algarve or great gifts for any occasion.

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