Places To Visit In The Algarve – Portimão Museum

"portimao museum algarve"Visiting a museum while you are on holiday may not be the first idea that springs into your mind but the Portimão Museum is a great place to spend a n afternoon with the family and an even better way to learn a little about the Algarve through the ages.

Not everyday in the Algarve is sunny and when the clouds gather and the rain starts (which is not that often in reality) then a good place to go to keep out of the rain while also being entertained is to the museum in Portimão.

The Portimão Museum is located along the waterfront in the old part of the city and it is easiest to get to this area by travelling over the old bridge from where you can almost see the museum if you look in the direction of the sea, and then to wind your way down throught the one way system until you reach the car parks near to the water front.

When you park up you may need to pay depending on where you are so look out for signs to make sure that you don’t have a ticket on your car when you come back!

The museum is right on the water front and is easy to spot because from the back it is right by the water and there is a large chimney stack while from the front you can see the beautiful black and white paint work of the museum which used to be a sardine factory and keeps the same style of exterior as the original factory.

The Algarve and especially Portimã has had a long history with fishing and the sardine canning industry brought great prosperity to the city and helped to build it into the pace we see today.

A large part of the museum is dedicated to the canning industry and the workings of the former factory are shown as well as examples of the clothes worn by the mainly female workers, the places their children would be kept for the day while they worked and the kind of conditions in the factory are shown . which is all far more interesting than it sounds!

Away from the canning the museum then jumps to different parts of history in the Algarve from the neo lithic times of cavemen right up to boat and ship building and there are examples of many different artifacts throughout the main room.

Anyone looking to scare the children should take them down into the basement of the museum where the water ways are – very spooky indeed!

Upstairs in the museum there is a gallery space with various photos and pictures on display in a rotating exhibition and it is well worth going upstairs to see what is on offer at the time.

Portimão museum is small enough to see everything in a couple of hours which makes it ideal for those with short attention spans and a great alternative for families on a dull day in the Algarve.

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