Places To Visit In The Algarve – Portimão Sardine Festival

"sardine festival algarve"Every year in the Algarve there are great summer events and the Portimão sardine festival is one of the highlights on the summer calendar.

The sardine festival takes place along the riverside area in Portimão and every year thousands of people visit the event to enjoy freshly cooked sardines and live entertainment.

Getting to the Portimão sardine festival is very easy, all you have to do is travel from anywhere in the Algarve along the A22 motorway or the EN125 and then exit where you see the signs for Portimão.  The festival itself is in the old part of Portimão along the riverside and you can see the entire area easily if you cross along the old bridge.

Becasue so many people attend the event every year parking can be a problem , one option is to park on the Lagoa side of the river and then walk across the old bridge and down to the festival, alternatively you can park in one of the spaces in the large car parks near to the event but these fill up quickly so you need to get there early.

This year the Portimão sardine festival will be held between August 1 and August 11.  It is the 19th edition of the event and has grown to be an enormous celebration attracting many Portuguese and international visitors.

The main attraction has to be the fresh sardines that are grilled in their thousands on open air barbeques and then served with fresh crusty bread, salad and potatoes but if you do not like sardines then there are other options available.

If you are going in a group then it is agood idea to leave a couple of people to save some of the bench seating while the others go off to get the food.  Peopple do not linger in the seating areas so there is a quick turn over of people all nioght long but it is good to get prepared!

After enjoying your sardine supper then it is time to have a look around all the stalls and displays where you can buy local handicrafts, traditional foods and other items that make great gifts to take home with you.

There is no fee to enter the sardine festival which means you can keep costs down if going as a family and the prices of the sardines are very reasonable making this a very economical night out for all family.

Look out for the live music, dancing and folk performances and the spectacular fireworks that draw the event to a close.

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