Places To Visit In The Algarve – Portimão

"places to visit algarve portimao"Portimão may not be the most obvious place to visit in the Algarve for many people, however there is plenty to see and do in and around the city that it is well worth making a trip across for at least one day while you are in the Algarve.

Most people who come on holiday to the Algarve only really know about Portimão because of the resort town of Praia da Rocha which is almost joined to the city.  Praia da Rocha has an enormous beach, busy nightlife scene and has been a holiday hot spot with Portuguese and international tourists coming to the area for decades.  But Portimão city itself is filled with interesting sights and should be visited!

Portimão is a coastal city which lies on the mouth of the river Arade.  You can access the city by train, boat or car and there is even an air field near  by in Alvor if you fancy flying in.  When coming from the east you travel along the A22 or the EN125 with both you need to go over the river Arade and the most spectacular way is to  go by the EN125 as you will pass over the tidal river along the iconic “new” bridge in Portimão.

To be honest actually driving yourself around Portimão, especially in the summer months, is really not all that fun unless you are a very confident driver who is happy in a Portuguese city.  It is a good idea to instead perhaps park down by the Marina where there is a lot of space and you can avoid trying to negotiate the traffic.  Lots of taxis are about and shops will have the numbers if you can’t find the taxi rank to take you into the centre.

The main hot spots in Portimão have to be the marina and riverside areas – both very popular for a stroll during the day or the night.

The marina is a newly developed area with shops, restaurants, hotel and a beach club and is right next to the beach of Praia da Rocha.  If the marina is the glamour of Portimão then the water front is the low key area.  Along the water front you will find street sellers, ice cream parlors, a burger restaurant and a more relaxed atmosphere most days.

The water front is also the place where many of the large Portimão events take place including the Portimão sardine festival in the summer – so look out for events from the local council of Portimão in this area while there is also the Portimão museum at the far end of the water front.

In the main city there is a busy little shopping area and the quaint twisting cobbled streets are a perfect example of a Portuguese city in the sun and well worth a visit to see.

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