Places To Visit In The Algarve – Sagres

"places to visit sagres"If there is one place that you have to visit while you are in the Algarve then it has to be Sagres – the most south westerly point of Europe.

It is not that there are loads of things to do in Sagres and perhaps it is not exactly the most action packed day out but when you have managed to get to the Algaarve from whereever you have come from in the world then it would be a shame not to jump in your hire car and make the drive down to Sagres at least for the afternoon!

It is very easy to get to Sagres, if you are staying anywhere along the coast of the Algarve then all you need to do is head west along the coast.  You can travel most of the way along the A22 toll motorway but this does come to an end and you will then have to finish the journey along the single road that leads you to the small town.

As you approach Sagres it starts to really feel like you are travelling to the end of the world and it is easy to imagine how the Portuguese sailors on their ships must have felt as they made their way to the cost off on an adventure to discover new lands.

When you get to Sagres there are plenty of sign posts to lead you towards the fort and Cape St Vincent which is where the main tourist attraction of the town is.  Basically there is a fort and a lighthouse which are the two main attractions here.  You are not able to get into the lighthouse but it makes for a great photo opportunity and is worth walking up towards as there are usually several stalls along the roadside up to the lighthouse where you can buy yourself a snack or some local handicrafts.

The fort has undergone some restoration works recently and is worth going in to for a real feel of the history of the area and it is here that there is an enormous compass on the ground.

In the main town itself there are a selection of restaurants and cafes but to be honest when it is not the high summer season there is not a lot going on here which makes it the ideal place for nature lovers and bird watchers.

Every year there is a huge bird watching festival held in Sagres around October time and this is when thousands of people come to watch the huge array of birds as they migrate to warmer climbs.

Sagres is a must do on the Algarve check list and even if you only spend an afternoon in the little town you will be pleased you made the effort – just make sure you take a coat with you as it is unsurprisingly pretty windy here all year round!

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