Places to Visit in The Algarve – Santa Luzia The Octopus Capital

"santa luzia octopus"Most people who think of the Algarve do not instantly associate the area with octopus, however the small fishing town of Santa Luzia in the eastern Algarve has earned itself the name of being the octopus capital – a title it rightly holds!

The Algarve is best known for the beautiful golden beaches of the area and the lush green golf course but the region actually has a very strong tradition of cuisine with the ample coastline combining with the traditions of the rural areas and the mountains to create truly memorable menus all year round.

Although many of the flavours of the Algarve have a lot in common with their Iberian neighbours of Spain do not expect the tapas style dishes in Portugalo in most restaurants and look out for some of the real specialities of the area with one of these being octopus.

The best place to eat fresh octopus has to be Santa Luzia and you are spoiled for choice in this tiny sea front town with the restaurants of the village all specialising in this delicious dish.

Octopus has a reputation for being chewy and tasteless but basically this is only if it is not cooked well and with years of experience behind them you are certain to be cooked up a perfect octopus dish in Santa Luzia.

Santa Luzia can be found by simply driving along the A22 Algarve toll road and then turning off in the direction of Tavira or by traveling along the EN125 in your hire car until you pass Tavira and then see the sign posts of Santa Luzia.

In the summer months there is not a lot of parking along the water front are so be prepared for a short walk but this is a great chance for you to walk past all of the restaurants and to see which one takes your fancy.

If you have never been to Santa Luzia then you probably will never have realised that there are more than 300 different ways to cook octopus and many of these are on the menu in the restaurants.

If you are new to octopus then explain this to the waiter who will be able to suggest a dish that will ease you in gently but the best thing to do is to go along with a group of friends and then to all order a different dish to then share around the group.

Octopus is a dish for all ages and palates so make sure to take the whole family down to Santa Luzia while you are staying in the Algarve and experience this delicacy first hand while on holiday in the region.

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