Places To Visit In The Algarve – Skydiving Centre Alvor

"skydiving algarve"The Algarve is a very beautiful place to come to for a holiday or a prolonged visit and if you want to see it from a new perspective then why not take to the skies and see it from above with an adrenalin packed skydive from Skydive Algarve in Alvor.

Skydiving is becoming an increasingly popular past time all around the world and with such amazing weather conditions for most of the year it makes sense that lots of people come to the Algarve to experience this exciting activity.

This one may not be for the faint hearted but it is actually something that almost anyone can do as long as you meet the weight and health requirements you need to have no previous experience of skydiving to be able to take part in what is known as a tandem jump which involves you being strapped to an experienced skydiver and jumping out of the plane together leaving you free to enjoy the views and the experience while the other person deals with things like making sure the parachute opens at the right time and landing!

If one person in the group fancies giving the skydiving a try then everyone else is more than welcome to go down to the little aerodrome to watch as they get their training, hop into the plane and then wait to see them come floating back down to earth again.

Skydiving takes place at the aerodrome on the small road to Alvor.  It is easy to find if you travel along the EN125 and then near to the Penina hotel you take the turn signposted for Alvor.  Follow this road, which is very narrow in some places so care needs to be taken, and then you will see the airport on the right hand side.

There is a free car park here and you enter to the reception desk where you will then be directed to the hanger to meet with the Skydive Algarve team,  If you are a little early then you can always have a coffee and a cake or something a little stronger if you need it, at the sky cafe.

Everyone at the Skydive Algarve team is really friendly and super professional which puts most people instantly at ease.  There are no shortcuts taken with safety and you can be sure that you are in safe hands whatever your skill level or experience in skydiving.

This is not a cheap day out by any means but for many people it is a once in a lifetime experience and it is an incredible way to view the Algarve from a whole new perspective.

For a day out with a difference then pay a visit to the skydiving centre in Alvor for a day to never forget!

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