Places To Visit In The Algarve – The Ocean Revival Dive Park

"ocean revival dive algarve"For an unforgettable experience in the Algarve travel off the coast of Portimão and take a dive under the water at the Ocean Revival Dive park.

The long Algarve coastline is known for being a haven for water sports enthusiasts but beneath the waves just off the coast of Portimão in the central region of the Algarve lies a new diving experience that is like no other and is well worth a visit for divers of all levels looking for something a little bit special.

The dive park is basically four former navy ships that have been sunk off the coast to provide a base for new reefs to be able to form.  The boats were specially prepared to be sunk and now are a perfect place for sealife to live and thrive making it an ideal place to dive and see what lies beneath the ocean off the coast of the Algarve.

It is free to explore this amazing underwater theme park as it is called but the best way to make your way around the site (and to be able to find it in the first place!) is to contact a local diving centre to arrange a tour with the instructors who have all been taught the different routes around the boats, know where to take you for the best experience and also make it the safest possible dive.

The certified dive schools can be found by looking at the official Ocean Revival website where details are all also available in English for people who want to learn more about the dive site and to plan a trip.

This really is a spectacular site for divers and it is the largest artificial reef in all of Europe making it a must on the list for fans and although the sea is the Atlantic it is not as cold to dive here as you may think with summer water temperatures reaching around 22ºc and generally great diving conditions throughout the year with about 300 good diving days out of every 365.

The dive experience does not stop underwater and instead continues on land where there is an exhibition centre that displays the history of the sunken vessels and information about their historical context.  There is also a hyperbaric chamber in Portimão in the event of any emergencies while other dive routes are also available in the local area.

When you are travelling to the Algarve and want to have a totally new experience then you don’t have to look for the usual beach and golf activities the Algarve is so well known for, instead it is worth delving beneath the surface for some truly exciting and unique places to visit and the ocean revival dive park is certainly that!

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