Places To Visit In The Algave – Vila Vita Biergarten

"vila vita biergarten algarve"The Algarve is known for being a multicultural region where traditions and cultures have all come together and nowhere demonstrates this better than the Vila Vita Biergarten, a taste of Bavira in the heart of the Algarve!

Visitors to the Algarve may not be instantly attracted to a German themed attraction but this is no back street pub and is actually a part of the five star luxury Vila Vita resort and so the standards are exceptionally high here and it is truly a great place to visit while in the Algarve.

The Vila Vita Biergarten is really easy to find when you know where it is!  The Vila Vita Biergarten is located on the EN125 between Albufeira and Portimão.  If coming from the direction of Faro then the Biergarten in found after crossing over the large roundabout in Alcantarilha and then turning right at the next roundabout in Porches.  If approaching the Vila Vita Biergarten from the western Algarve then pass through Lagoa and after the lights at the International school take a left at the Porches roundabout and then follow the little road into the entrance of the biergarten.

The actual Vila Vita Biergarten is made up of a main bar and restaurant area, beautiful garden, large car park area and a German butchers shop.

Many local residents, of all nationalities visit here simply to buy some of the homemade products from the butchers shop and although the prices here are higher than your average supermarket the quality of the products on sale are undeniable.

The Vila Vita resort itself uses the meat from here to serve to their guests in the luxury resort and it means you can recreate a touch of this at your own home at a fraction of the price.

Of course beer is central to the biergarten and the beers here come from the famous Paulaner brewery in Munich but it is the food that is also the real draw with fantastic traditional dishes on the menu which will fill Germans with delight and anyone else will be very happily surprised with what you are served.

This is also a great place for children thanks to the traditional play park in the gardens and the family atmosphere which makes this far more than just a place to eat and drink and a real experience instead.

Look out for the staff dressed in the traditional clothes and be sure to visit for the annual beer festival celebrations and other events that take place in this fantastic location.

For a little slice of Germany right here in the Algarve, the Biergarten in Porches has to be at the top of your list

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