Places To Visit – Isla Magica Theme Park

"visit isla magica"Anyone flying into Faro airport is spoiled for choice because not only do you land in the heart of the beautiful Algarve region of Portugal – you also have Spain and all the attractions of this Iberian neighbour on your doorstep.  One of the biggest attractions for this southern part of Europe is the Isla Magica theme park near Seville and this is certainly somewhere you should consider visiting when in the area.

 Seville is only a couple of hours from Faro airport and is easy to get to and the Isla Magic Theme park is on the outskirts of this beautiful city, located on the grounds of the former Expo 92 World fair site.

The theme park first opened in 1997 and is themed on Spanish history with an old world feel to the different areas of this park which has a considerable amount of water rides, lakes and fountains.

Some of the highlights of the theme park include the El Jaguar rollercoaster.  this was the first inverted rollercoaster in Spain and is one of the most popular rides in the whole park so be prepared for some queues.

Other rides that are very popular at the park with thrill seekers of all ages include the water rides with the Anaconda log flume, Iguazú splash ride and Rápidos del Orinoco river rapid ride being some of the best.

Seville is one of the hottest cities in all of Europe so it will come as no surprise to learn that the Isla Magica theme park is VERY hot, especially in the summer months when it is advisable to wear a hat, sun screen and to take plenty of water with you.

All of the water rides are really needed at the theme park to help you to cool off after hours in the sun so don’t worry about getting wet on these rides as you will be dry in a matter of moments once you hop off!

 For those who are not so keen on the roller coasters there are other attractions at the park including the Cinemoión theatre which is a cinema theatre with moving seats and is the worlds largest virtual reality theatre.  There is also a 4D cinema and another cinema known as El Cubo which includes shows with lasers, smoke and other effects for a dramatic film experience.

Isla Magica is for children and adults of all ages and is a great day out for all the family but try to avoid going in the height of summer if you are not good with the heat as temperatures get very high at this time of year and can make the experience uncomfortable.

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