Political Party Calls For End To Tolls On Algarve A22

"algarve tolls road works"The PCP Political party in Portugal have called on the Portuguese government to abolish the tolls on the Algarve A22 and to also complete works to improve the EN125 road that runs across the region.

Last week the PCP communist party began legislative procedures to force the government to abolish the tolls on the A22, also known as the Via do Infante motorway.

The draft resolution nº 777/XII/2 recommends that the Portuguese government immediately stops the collection of tolls on the A22 along the entire length of the road which runs from the Guadiana bridge on the border with Spain all the way to Bensafrim.

This is not the first time that the PCP Party has tried to rid the Algarve of the tolls on the A22 and previous attempts in the past have been rejected by the PSD, PS and CDS parties, however the party has said that they are committed to continuing to try to abolish tolls in the Algarve and to also finish the works on the EN125 which is now in a very bad state due to the massive increase in traffic on the road since the introduction of the tolls.

A statement from the PCP Party said: “We are not going to resign ourselves to such a negative measure, one that has had adverse consequences for the regional economy of the Algarve.  We will be taking the matter to Parliament because we are convinced that the introduction of the tolls on the Via do Infante (A22) was a glaring error that we are urging the government to correct.”

The situation for drivers in the Algarve iis made worse not only by the tolls on the A22 but also because the EN125 is no real alternative route for anyone because of the level of traffic along the road, dangers that it poses for drivers and damage that it causes to vehicles because of the poor state of the road surface in many places.

The PCP Party urges the government is looking to the government to begin the works once again on the EN125 to make the road a real safe alternative drivers for those who do not want to use the A22.

Redevelopment works on the EN125 first began in 2009 and were due to have been completed by 2011/2012, however, there have since been major delays to the works and all the works were then suspended by the government in March 2012.

The PCP Party concluded that the increase in the traffic on the EN125 has “degraded the quality of life for the people who live in villages that are crossed by the road while the tolls have severely damaged the regional economy and in particular the tourism industry which has further aggravated the economic crisis in the Algarve.”

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