Portimão Port Has A Great Year For Cruise Ships

"portimao port cruise news"Portimão port has recorded a bumper year for 2013 with growth in the number of ships coming to the port throughout the year and an increase in the overall number of passengers.

The port of Portimão is fast becoming one of the busiest in the Algarve for cruise ships and already many have booked their spots at the port for the upcoming 2014 cruise season.

According to a press statement from Portimão Câmara the port of the city saw more than 20,000 passengers come to the port via cruise ship during 2013.  This represented an increase in passengers of 8.83% compared to the 18,500 passengers who went to the port during 2012.

The increase in the number of passengers to Portimão port was mainly due to an increase in the total number of cruise ships that came to the port for stop overs.  In 2012 the number of stop overs was at 36 while in 2013 this number was up to 42.

The authorities in Portimão are looking to build on the success of 2013 and to improve on it for 2914 which looks like it could be very likely as already the authorities have 37 stop overs by cruise liners authorised for this year and more are expected to be requested in the coming months.

The central location of Portimão in the Algarve and facilities make it an appealing option to cruise companies looking to add a different stop over to the schedule of a cruise liner.  Portimão may not have a tradition of being a cruise ship stop over port but the Algarve already has a well established reputation for tourists and infrastructure to be able to easily welcome them.

The cruise industry is one that the authorities in the Algarve are looking to push in the future. however the facilities for cruise ships will have to improve in Portimão if more ships are to be welcomed in the future.

Portimão Câmara is calling for the Portuguese government to help with funding to improve the port with investment needed to deepen and widen the channel that brings the boats into the port, a longer dock and a permanent tug boat all required if the larger cruise ships are to be able to dock at the port.

The Câmara in Portimão believe that the investment would be worth it thanks to the increased revenue that potentially could be brought to the area by the passengers of the cruise ships.  If the largest ships were able to dock in Portimão then the port could potentially welcome up to 250,000 passengers a year which would have a massive positive impact on the Algarve local economy and the Portuguese economy as a whole.




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