Portimão Port Welcoming 16,000 New Cruise Visitors To The Algarve

"portimao cruise ship"Around 16,000 passengers are expected to come to the Algarve by the end of the year thanks to cruise ships that will be docking over the season at the port in Portimão.

Portimão Câmara estimates that the cruise ships coming to the Algarve before the end of the year will see around 16,000 people coming to the Algarve via the port in this increasingly popular form of tourism trade in the Algarve.

usually people wanting to travel to the Algarve arrive via Faro airport or drive to the region from other parts of mainland Europe, however an increasing number of cruise ships are choosing Portimão as a stop off point on their journeys putting the Algarve firmly on the map in the cruise world.

Last week two large cruise ships docked in Portimão bringing almost 800 passengers to the city and the surrounding area.

Cruise ships usually operate outside of the normal traditional tourism season in the Algarve and the cruise season is really only just beginning again for the year.

By the end of 2013 there are 24 cruise ships planned to come into the port in Portimão and in the future this number is expected to rise dramatically following works to improve the port for larger cruise ships.

The Portuguese government have already announced a plan to invest 10 million euros into Portimão port to pay for dredging and other procedures that will enable the port to be able to receive larger cruise ships into the Algarve port.

Earlier this month the minister for the economy António Pires de Lima announced the plans for Portimão port and also for the port in Faro where a further four million euros are to be invested in improvements to the port.

The Portimão Câmara added that this year the number of passengers coming to the Algarve by cruise ship in Portimão will reach 25,000 by the end of the year, a figure up 35 percent compared to last year.

While these figures are very positive for tourism in the Algarve they could have been far higher if the improvements to the port had already been completed as the port had to turn down  seven stop overs by cruise ships that were too large for the port with a total of 10,000 passengers being unable to explore the Algarve after docking at the port because of the lack of facilities for the larger ships.

Look out for the large and very impressive looking cruise ships in the port of Portimão from now until the end of the year if you are in the area!






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