Portugal Car Rental – Discover This Beautiful Country

"portugal car rental"Portugal car rental is a great way to discover this country that is often overlooked as a destination in favour of its large Iberian neighbor Spain, however, this is a fantastic place with much to see and the best part of all is that it is a country you can discover simply by hiring a car and hitting the road!

When looking at visiting Portugal most people automatically either head for the capital of Lisbon or for the sunshine and the beaches of the Southern coast of the country in the Algarve region but there is much more to see than beaches and city streets and Portugal car rental is a great way to do it!

That being said, the Algarve is an amazing destination for families, couples, golfers, groups and everyone else in between simply because so much is packed into a very small area.  The Algarve is just over 100km long from the westerly tip at Sagres to the border with Spain and the city of Vila real do Santo António.

Within this small area there are amazing golf courses, award winning beaches, water parks, shopping centres, quaint towns and villages and lots of entertainment for all the family, especially in the summer months.

Lisbon is the capital of the country and is where the government sits and important decisions are made but Lisbon is also known for its beautiful architecture, cobbled streets, fantastic restaurants, vibrant nightlife and shops.

Away from the hot spots there are many other delightful regions to explore in the country.

Travel up to the north with Portugal car rental and visit the stunning city of Porto, famed for its wonderful riverside buildings, bridges and of course for the port wine which has seen people travelling to the city for hundreds of years to sample this sweet and delicious fortified wine.

Many people think of Portugal and think of the great hot weather but there is actually a region of Portugal better known for its snow!

Serra de Estrella is a region known for its ski resort.  It may not be the biggest ski resort in Portugal but it is still a good one to visit and is certainly something very different to do when you are in the country and easy to get to with Portugal car rental.

Just above the Algarve is the region of the Alentejo and this is a hug and historic region known for its agriculture and the history filled beautiful city of Evora while back up in the north if you enjoy stunning scenery then a trip along the Douro river is a must for anyone wanting to see some amazing sights while also sampling some of the wines from this region known for its high quality reds.

There is far more to Portugal than meets the eye and the best way to discover this fantastic country is with Portugal Car rental and to get in a car and drive about for a few day – who knows what you will find on your journey!

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