Portugal Car Rentals: Family Saloon Automatic Car with Air Conditioning

"opel astra car rental"There is nothing better than packing your bags and heading to a new destination in order to enjoy a little rest and relaxation and a little break from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life. If you are looking for a destination that will provide you with an exciting and memorable vacation, than you should absolutely consider planning a trip to Portugal.

With its beautiful vistas and historic charm, Portugal is a prime vacation destination. If you do plan a trip to this lovely European country, you are certainly going to want to make sure that you arrange for a car hire with a leading Portugal car rentals company. While there are certainly many Portugal car rentals companies to choose from, Yes Car Hire is one of the best. This car hire company offers amazing prices and an unbelievable fleet of vehicles.

If you are traveling with your family or a large group of people, than you should look into the family salon automatic cars with air conditioning. These cars are extremely roomy, offering large groups plenty of leg and elbow room. In addition to the space, you will also appreciate the air conditioning that these cars are equipped with,a s well as the automatic transmission, which will make touring those Portuguese roads a lot more enjoyable.

The fleet of family saloon automatic cars with air conditioning that this premier Portugal car rentals company offers includes the Opel Astra Automatic and the Ford Focus Automatic. Not only are these cars roomy, easy to drive and comfortable, but they are also sleek and stylish.

With an average cost of 20.06 euros per day to hire, these vehicles will fit quite nicely into your budget. The added benefit of unlimited mileage that comes standard with both of these car hires also makes them an ideal choice, as you won’t have to worry about tacking on any extra cost associated with driving excess miles.

When you arrange for one of these family saloon automatic cars with air conditioning from this leading Portugal car rentals company, you will be able to choose where you want to pick up and drop off your car; from the Faro or Lisbon airport, or at the place you are staying in the Algarve. Being able to choose where you pick up and drop off your rental also adds to the convenience of working with this Portugal car rentals company.


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