Portugal Car Rentals: Luxury Cars

"mercedes benz e class car rental"Everyone deserves a little luxury now and again. If you are taking a trip to Portugal, you may have treated yourself to some luxury by booking a first class plain ticket and by arranging to stay in a super posh hotel. While these are, of course, excellent options for treating yourself to luxury, there is another way that you can experience a little bit of luxury during your vacation in Portugal, and that is by renting a luxury car.

When choosing to rent a luxury car, work with a Portugal car rentals company that you can really count on to give you not only the most luxurious car, but also the best price on this luxury car. In the luxury class of cars, Yes Car Hire offers the Mercedes 180 E. This luxury car has it all – power everything, a comfortable and roomy interior, easy handling, music system, plenty of space and so much more. You will not believe how luxurious you will feel traveling around the roads of Portugal in the Mercedes 180 E.

In addition to receiving a super luxurious car, when you opt to work with Yes Car Hire, one of the leading Portugal car rentals companies, you will also receive a great rate on your rental. At approximately 99.64 euros a day to rent, this luxury car can fit nicely into your budget. Imagine being able to drive a car that is as luxurious as this one at such an affordable rate? You will also love that with this car rental, you will get unlimited mileage, just as you would with any of the other car rentals that Yes Car Hire offers. With unlimited mileage, you can easily explore the entire country of Portugal without having to worry about any added fees for the miles that you drive.

Not only will you receive a supreme luxurious car when you book with this Portugal car rentals company at an affordable price with unlimited mileage, but you will also be able to enjoy the convenience of picking up and dropping off your rental from three different locations; either the Faro or the Lisbon airport, or you can choose to pick it up and drop it off right at the place you are staying in the Algarve. Talk about really being a convenient way to rent a car?

Reserve your Mercedes 180 E today at Yes Car Hire online and you will be ready to enjoy your Portugal vacation.

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