Portugal Car Rentals: Top Luxury Diesel Cars

"mercedes benz e200 car rental"Have you decided to take a trip to Portugal? Do you want to treat yourself to a little bit of pampering? If so, then you might be considering booking a room in a five star hotel and reserving a seat in first class accommodations on the plane trip over, but there is also another way that you can treat yourself to some high end luxury – by booking a Top Luxury Diesel class car.

You may be under the assumption that a Top Luxury Diesel class car will be quite expensive to rent while you are on your Portugal vacation, but if you go with one of the top Portugal car rentals companies, than you can enjoy the fare priced Top Luxury Diesel class car. At Yes Car Hire, we offer the Mercedes E 200 – one of the top luxury cars available on the market – at one of the most reasonable prices that you will find. At an average cost of 119.57 euros a day, the Mercedes E 200 car is actually quite affordable to rent from Yes Car Hire.

As you can imagine, the Mercedes E 200 is equipped with all oft he luxuries that you can imagine. This car is equipped with power everything, including doors, locks and steering, a full stereo system, plush interior upholstery and all of the top high quality finishes that you would expect from the Mercedes E 200. In addition to all of the fine finishes that this car has to offer, you will also enjoy the spacious interior. There is plenty of room to accommodate your entire party, with enough room to stretch out, plus, you will find that there is ample space to store all of your luggage and any parcels that you pick up along the way.

When you rent the Merceds E 200 from this leading Portugal car rentals company, you will be traveling in style, and you will feel as if you have really arrived. Imagine being able to travel around the beautiful country of Portugal in an absolutely beautiful and comfortable car. And, with the unlimited mileage that this car comes standard with, you will be able to drive for as long and as far as you like. Arrange to have the Mercedes E 200 picked up and dropped off at either the Faro or the Lisbon airport, or have it picked up and dropped off at your accommodations in the beautiful Algarve.

Contact Yes Car Hire today to reserve your Top Luxury Diesel car.

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