Ryanair Accuses Tourism Portugal Of Rejecting Plans To Expand Faro Airport

"ryanair faro airport"Low cost Irish airline Ryanair has accused the Portuguese Tourism Authority of failing to help to increase tourism in the Algarve through the expansion of the airport at Faro.

According to a statement from Ryanair, an expansion at Faro airport in the Algarve would see winter traffic increase by 35 percent which could help to decrease the negative affects of seasonality in the region which depends heavily on tourism for revenue.

Robin Kiely from Ryanair said in a statement: “The proposal from Ryanair for additional growth at Faro airport would bring in new passenger, create new jobs and bring millions of pounds of tourism revenue to the Algarve during the winter months.”

He added: “Turismo de Portugal (the Portuguese tourism authority) do not seem to understand the importance of this plan.

Ryanair are said to want to increase the number of flights operated out of Faro airport during the winter months with three new routes to Cologne, Dortmund and Memmingen in Germany running in the low season.

Ryanair estimate that this would increase the number of weekly flights in the winter out of Faro by 35 percent and would lead to an increase in passengers of around 70,000 while also creating 70 new positions within the company.

Robin Kiely from Ryanair said: “It is surprising that an organisation whose mandate is to promote tourism in the Algarve would ignore the largest airline in Europe and the number one airline at Faro airport, particularly at a time when unemployment in Portugal is at 18 percent.”

By working together Ryanair believes that the airline and the tourism authority of Portugal could have a positive impact on tourism as a whole in Portugal and the Algarve.

“Tourism levels are able to increase quickly, as well as jobs, because tourism is one of the few industries that is able to react quickly to stimuli,” said Robin Kiely.

“Ryanair had secured route expansions in exchange for fees charged to passengers and a lower cost base, however unfortunately these passengers and jobs will be taken to other airports in Europe where Ryainair are able to continue to grow.”

It appears that the slow reaction of the tourism authorities in Portugal have prevented possible further revenue for the Algarve during the winter months when it is needed most.

Lusa, the Portuguese news agency, contacted the Portuguese tourism board for a comment on the case but as yet no response to the claims from Ryanair have been given.

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