Shopping Centres Algarve – Algarve Shopping, Guia

"algarve shopping"If you ever get tired of the sun, the beaches and the golf in the Algarve then you may want to head off to one of the local shopping centres in the Algarve.  One of the oldest and most popular shopping centres in the Algarve is known as Algarve Shopping and is located in Guia in the central region of the Algarve.

Algarve Shopping is easy to find if you travel along the EN125 road towards Albufeira.  If you are traveling in a hire car from the west of the Algarve then the shopping centre is before Albufeira and is clearly visible on the right hand side of the road after passing Zoomarine.  Those traveling from the east of the Algarve need to pass the junctions for Albufeira and then continue on until you see the shopping centre on the left hand side.  To access the centre from this side then you need to take the slip that brings you over the bridge and then into the shopping centre.

There is ample parking at Algarve shopping with plenty spaces on ground level and also a huge underground carpark which is better to keep your car cool in the hot summer months!

Recently Algarve Shopping saw many changes being made to make it more appealing to clients and this saw an old area of food court being converted into large, bright, new shops including a very large branch of Zara and a large H&M.  This has made the entire shopping centre a much better place to shop and now you can get almost everything you could need under one roof.

Algarve Shopping is basically open air with long promanades set over two floors and including still a food court area with the usual favourites of Burger King, KFC and then more local brands.

As well as a large selection of shops and boutiques selling everything from books and sports wear to underwear and chocolates there is also a large branch of the Portuguese supermarket Continente.  This is one of the largest supermarkets in the area and is used by many local people and businesses to stock up on the essential as well as also selling some specialist foreign goods.

Algarve Shopping is a very pleasant shopping experience with the shops generally open from around 10am until midnight in many cases making it a great place for some early evening shopping.

The shopping centre can get very busy during the summer months so it is best to try and avoid peak times at this time of year, however the rest of the year the layout of the shopping centre makes it feel very personal and relaxed on the whole.

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