Slide and Splash

"Slide and Splash"There is no denying that although beautiful, the Algarve can get quite hot, particularly during the summer months. If you and your family are looking for a way to cool and have an unbelievably fun time, than look no further than Slide and Splash.

Located near Lagoa, in Vale de Deus, Slide and Splash comprises some 7 acres of land and has often been called the best water park in the region, as well as in all of Europe.

This water park, which was opened in 1986 and is open annually from the months of April through October, has your entertainment completely in mind. This is evident by the unbelievably large collection of water amusements that are found. With an amazing collection of thrilling, high speed water slides that tower into the air, more mild slides, children’s slides and splash areas, a lazy river and even an extra large Jacuzzi that is outfitted with plenty of jets and warm water so parents can soak their bones and enjoy some hydrotherapy while their kids are playing.

If you are feeling like you are water logged and need a little break from all of the water activities that the park offers, you can jump out and enjoy the spacious, 4 acre grass area. Here, you can spread out a blanket, lie out and soak up some sun, or you can enjoy a game of football. When you are dried off and warmed up, jump back into the water park area, where you will be cooled off again in no time.

If you are feeling a bit hungry during your visit, there’s no need to worry about leaving; at Slide and Splash, there are several restaurants, as well as kiosks, where you can grab a quick meal and fill up, recharging your batteries so you can return back to enjoy the action and adventure that the park has to offer. You will also find an ice cream shop, where you and your family can tickle your sweet tooth with a dish of one of the delicious ice creams that are available.

Slide and Splash guarantees to be a good time for people of all ages. If you are looking for a fun filled way to spend the day in the Algarve, then look no further than this action packed water park, which even provides opportunities for rest and relaxation. You certainly won’t be disappointed.

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