Splendid Attractions in Praia da Oura


Literary, Praia da Oura means Golden beach. The name gives you clue as to what to savor from this gorgeous resort on the Algarve coast of Portugal. Praia da Oura is among the many towns that have taken to developing resorts so as to accommodate the ever growing tourist visiting Algarve for their holidays. This pretty town, located East of Albufeira, has fast developed to be one of the most loved holiday destinations of the Algarve region, as one look at the pristine beach will tell it all. As such, this article informs on the breathtaking tourist attractions as well as the paces to visit in Praia da Oura, Algarve, Portugal. Read on to know.

1. Favorable Weather for Vacationers

Friendly weather is one among top reasons that makes Praia da Oura widely popular with holidaying tourists. If you think of Praia da Oura vacations, you think soothing heat and sunshine. Sunshine is a guarantee summer over while winters are warm with little rainfall, which is why the region has the select climate for holidays. As such, whether you want to practice golf swing or you are just coming to relax on the beach, be assured that Praia da Oura weather will perfectly allow you to relish your expedition.

2. Exciting Things to Do


That the beach is the major tourist attraction in Praia da Oura, there is several watersports always on offer, ranging from jet skis to banana boat rides and windsurfing. Fishing, also, is a popular pastime on vacations to Praia da Oura. Fishing trips are available out in the Atlantic. Although fishing may not be your holiday choice activity, it is worth to take a bout ride to the hidden beaches and the alcoves around the region, which are voted perfect for romantic getaways, thus making the resort more popular with honeymooners and couples out holidaying.


Again, Praia da Oura has been occupied by the Romans, Phoenicians, Moors and Christians at one time and another. The town’s architecture manifests rich this history. As such, culture lovers visit this place which is famed for its nice-looking churches.


Besides good weather and stunning beach, holidays in Praia da Oura are popular for their breathtaking nightlife. Praia da Oura’s strip is popular for it is among the best spot for Algarve nightlife. Always lively and with great atmosphere is the busy one way street. There are numerous clubs, restaurants and bars which are mostly open until the early small hours. In most of the restaurants, you can savor local Portuguese cuisines as well as world foods.

Do you want to enjoy a proper night out while holidaying in Praia da Oura? Hire a car, and take a ride round, exploring the magnificent restaurants, clubs, bars and cafes.

 3. The Landscape

You will not escape surprise by the long and wide beach, adorned with golden sands and beautifully eye-striking blue waters. This beach is popular with vacationers from all over the world. However, thanks to its vastness, it is never overly crowded. Even during summer when vacations to Praia da Oura are at their peak, you will find fresh breath in this top beach. Also spectacular is the beautiful coastline of this region.

If you want to repose on a wonderful beach where you enjoy to your fullest for some time, Praia da Oura holidays will assuredly up your spirit. It is a fabulous beach offering everything you may need, from relaxing in the sunshine and the sands to trying your skill at the water-sports to adventuring the striking coastline.

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