Top Five Best Places In Vilamoura, Portugal


Vilamoura, Portugal, is conceivably one of the world’s most appealing destinations for travellers. Due to this fact, it has been hosting thousands of tourists from different corners of the world. It’s a world on its own due to accommodative nature for all tourists regardless of season or month. This city is not only for beach lovers, but also for all types of travellers. The city rests on an area of 2000 hectares of land with mixed tourists’ attractions. It’s located near Faro Airport, enhancing its accessibility whenever a traveller lands in Portugal. Travellers find everything simple and smooth after landing because cars for hire are always ready.

Since the places to enjoy are too many, let’s narrow down to the best five.

Best Places And Things To Do There

Praia da marina

Your visit to Vilamoura can only be complete after touring its beaches. Vilamoura beaches, also known as Praia da marina, are located on the eastern side of marina. Just hire a car; it’s a short driving distance from Vilamoura city centre. There are several amenities that draw local and international tourists to the beaches. Tourists enjoy drinking fresh juices while basking in the sun, and on the white sand. At night, there are parties especially during golf seasons, golf lovers cannot afford to miss it.

In addition, water sport enthusiasts must visit Praia da marina beaches. Water sports include banana boat riding, jet skiing, and paragliding. Car parking is always available, with spacious parking lots behind the coast. The top rated beach hotels and resorts are available, providing best holiday packages.

Oceanic old course and oceanic Laguna course

Vilamoura offer not only breathtaking landscapes, but also best facilities for memorable golf sessions. Golfer lovers find diverse courses that cater for all skill levels. Oceanic old course is located in the central part of Vilamoura. After hiring a car, the driver can guide you towards the place. This is the most celebrated golf course in entire Portugal.

Oceanic Laguna course is fantastic for golf lovers. It is set at the coastal landscape where trees are minimal, with cool ambience. If you miss oceanic old course, oceanic Laguna course should not be missed.

Events and festivals in Quarteira

A Visit to Quarteira should not miss in your list of places to tour while in Vilamoura. It’s a short driving distance from Vilamoura with a car hire. Quarteira is located in the southern parts of Portugal, and a neighbouring town to Vilamoura. Tourists like this place since it is ideal for all seasons.

Travellers enjoy delicious local dishes of fresh seafood, wineries, and wonderful accommodation. Visitors can enjoy the concerts, marathons, hiking, musicals, and art exhibits.

Vilamoura arts and crafts

Vilamoura is full of arts reflecting ancient and modern architecture. It is known for cultural events and home of art shops. Since you have a hired personal car, you can extend your tour to Silves and Quarteira too. Here, there are plenty of cultural events and traditional art and crafts.

Vilamoura is one of the leading places featuring stunning arts and crafts in southern Portugal. It’s the best starting point before touring the rest of the cities and towns. Everything is easy if you have already hired a car to take you around the best art shops.

Vilamoura amusement and theme parks

Apart from amazing and appealing beaches, Vilamoura also hosts several amusement and theme parks with a variety of wild animals. The Vilamoura theme parks are best for animal lovers looking for distinct adventures.

With a hired car, touring the theme parks is quite easy and comfortable. Tourists enjoy being close to the animals. These theme parks are one of the best picturesque sites in Portugal. Apart from watching animal shows, you can also enjoy thrilling rides in the theme parks.

As said earlier, the city welcomes all sorts of visitors. It caters for those visiting for luxurious and romantic vacation in the first world class hotels, golf lovers, nature lovers, and historical site lovers. Most travellers book touring cars early in advance, to avoid delays after landing in Portugal. Visitors can choose either to explore resort’s amenities, or take tours to the wonderful attractions outside the city. No matter your choice, the trip must be tremendous and successful starting from Vilamoura.

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