Touring Portugal With The Hired Car

"car hire Portugal"Portugal has become quite a popular destination among tourist. A country that is filled with beautiful landscapes, a rich heritage, a vibrant history and ancient architecture, it is easy to understand why this country is such a beloved place to visit. Some of the top tourist attractions in Portugal include cathedrals, the Bishop’s Palace, ancient monuments, lovely beaches, beautiful gardens and so much more.

In order to really see the sights and attractions that Portugal has to offer, you should consider hiring a car. There are many different car hire services located throughout the country, so you can easily hire a car in Portugal.

One suggestion is to drive your car hired from Portugal to Porto. This would be the perfect start for your exploration of the country. Porto is situated in the northern part of country and it is most famous for its soccer team. While in Porto, you can visit Dragão Stadium, as well as the Ribeira. Ribeira is a part of the inner city where you can find many historic buildings and monuments.

It is important to remember that while driving in Portugal, you should always drive on the right side of the road. After you have visited Porto, you can continue you drive to Guimaroes. Guimaroes is the oldest city in Portugal and it is located in the northeastern section of Porto.  In Guimaroes, you can visit the old castle, as well as tour many other attractions.

After your visit to Porto, your next destination should be Aveiro, which is little way from Porto. Aveiro is regarded as the Venice of Portugal. Aveiro is a university town and there are plenty of things you can visit and see. The main attraction of this city is the sandy beaches near the coast. From Aveiro, you should then travel towards Faro. Without getting off the highway from Porto, you can reach  easily reach Faro. Faro is the one of the most popular holiday destinations in the country. It is a beautiful, neat and a well kept town. It looks exactly like 18th century Portugal did around the harbor. It’s peaceful in Faro and it has a certain charm, which attracts tourists and visitors. Faro is the capital of the Algarve region; it depicts the history and culture of the Portuguese people to the fullest. There are plenty of places of interest that you can visit in Faro area. Then from Faro, visit Coimbra to the left, which is an island city. Coimbra was founded in the year 1290 and is one of the oldest cities in the world with plenty of historic monuments to explore.

It is important to remember that the car hired from Portugal should be parked pointing in the direction of the traffic. You should also remember to learn about the traffic laws and the rules of the road in order to drive safely during your stay in Portugal.

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