Vale D´Oliveria Quinta Resort and Spa


Talk about exotic holiday spots in Portugal and its exquisite hotels pop up. One of the popular hotels is Vale D’ oliveria Quinta Resort and Spa, a hotel that is located in Carvoeiro’s countryside. It is rated as a 5-star hotel due to its elegant features and location. It is characterized by lush gardens that create an aesthetic beauty which are essential and unique for relaxation. It is also close to beautiful golf courses and sandy beaches that add to the luxury.

The resort has 22 rooms in total, 2 suites and 80 townhouses altogether. This is enough space to accommodate a huge number of tourists all at once. Furthermore, their quality is top-notch and it is fully equipped with high standard furniture and fittings. These will definitely provide value for your money, and comfort, regardless of whether you are visiting for leisure or business.

The hotel has borrowed heavily from the local community especially in its architecture. This can be seen in its buildings and decorations which have Moorish influence. Typical but unique to this hotel is the internal courtyard which is complemented by arches specially associated with the local art. It has therefore incorporated a lot of skill from the local artists to maintain its relevance to its surrounding.

The surrounding landscape consists of the attractive Monchique Hills and Gramacho Golf courses that offer a serene backdrop. This blends in well with the whole architecture and creatively- sculptured gardens creating a calm and tranquil environment for families that have children. It is also ideal for long term holidays.

For you to enjoy the best services at the resort, it is important that you make your bookings early enough. Most of these can be made through online reservations especially for people who are not able to make it there personally. Make sure that you know exactly what you want and make any inquiries beforehand to avoid misunderstandings later on.

Choose a package that is convenient for you and the people who are going to be staying at the resort. Different packages contain different activities and are also priced differently. In case you are not satisfied with what is provided in a specific package, you can ask them to customize it to your satisfaction, in which case you may be required to pay for the extra expenses.

Ensure that you book for transport services early enough so that you can be fetched to and from the hotel as you wish. Due to the location, it may be quite tasking to move around without an organized transport package. There are car rental services provided by the staff at a fee depending on where you want to go and for how long. Inform the staff early enough when you need these services so that you are sure that it is available.

With friendly staff, beautiful surroundings and a variety of fun activities to choose from, this resort offers the ultimate luxury. Whether you are in Portugal for business or pleasure, it would be wise to choose to stay here.


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