Young Farmers Flourishing In The Algarve

"algarve farming news"For many decades industry in the Algarve has moved away from traditional sectors to that of tourism, however the tables appear to be turning in the region with an increasing number of young people opting for  life as a farmer in the region.

In the past seven years alone the number of young farmers in the Algarve has quadrupled from a mere 100 young farmers working in the region in 2007 to almost 500 young farmers now working all across the Algarve.

It appears that it is not only the traditional areas of farming that are attracting young farmers but other more specialised areas including the production of Algarve honey from Monchique, the growing of Algarve avocados and the production of red fruits are all popular areas for farming in the region now.

The increase in the number of young farmers in the Algarve has been described by the regional director of agriculture and fisheries as a “revolution”.

The regional director of agriculture and fisheries, Fernando Severino, told the Portuguese news agency Lusa that he believes the increase in young farmers in the Algarve is due to the situation of unemployment in many sectors of industry in the Algarve, especially in Algarve tourism and building but also because more people are wanting to return to nature in the Algarve and to live in harmony with the environment.

The areas of the Algarve that have seen the greatest levels of returning to agriculture have been found in the Tavira, Silves and Loulé areas where  new generation of farmers are working to produce niche crops that can then often be sold on the internet to international buyers.

Traditional orange groves are still popular with farmers in the Algarve but increasingly it is the more specialist crops of raspberries, strawberries and avocados that are drawing the buyers from overseas with the honey from the Algarve being especially popular.

Crops from the Algarve are widely exported both within and outside Europe and as demand increases so does the potential to employ many more people in the region.

While the Algarve is a fantastic region to visit for a holiday, for the region to be able to be sustainable there need to be other sectors of industry available for young people and farming could well be the future for many people in the Algarve.

Produce in the Algarve is often highly sought after so while in the region be sure to take a trip to the mountains of Monchique for some local honey or jams, into the hills of Loulé for some local sausages, down to the orange groves surrounding Silves or to any of the small fishing villages and towns along the coast to sample some of the delicious local seafood and other produce.

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